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About us
Multi Services Joe Bechara is a firm that offers full services in the furniture elevator rental industry. With the help of our technicians and network of movers and renters, our services are deployed not only in the Paris - Ile de France region but also throughout all of France.
Whether you are an individual or a professional, we can provide a quick, detailed, and precise price estimate for your moving needs.
Do you need to rent a furniture elevator to move furniture through a window? Or do you need to move office furniture, perhaps a couch, a fridge, a bookcase, a wardrobe, a dresser, a bed, or a table?
Maybe you would like us to assist in moving all of your furniture? We offer the option of renting a furniture elevator with the assistance of a technician for a half day, full day, or even on an item by item basis.
Individuals: However exhausting, fragile, or complex your move is, you will gain time and efficiencies using our freestanding furniture elevator or trailer. Neither your furniture nor your back will be constrained from this effort. Moving can be accomplished in hours instead of days.
Our flexible, bonded, and efficient team knows how to adapt to each and every location and will fulfill your needs thanks to our availability, professionalism, efficiency, agility, meticulousness, courtesy, good value for money, helpfulness and high quality of service. And all this.done in a good mood!
Our marketing assets are our customers! A testimonies section is available for remarks or comments. It is by
"word of mouth"
, that we have reached most of our clients who also recommend us to their acquaintances and keep our address for future services.